Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The scariest interface contest

Don't miss this wonderful contest on OK/CANCEL:

This week we'’re taking entries for the scariest interface youÂ’ve ever used. Leave a comment and a screenshot link. Feel free to show stuff that frightens you because of how it looks, works, or what it does. Then we'll '“interface your fears'” (har har) by talking about how to improve ‘em.

The person who has the scariest interface, or comes up with the best fix wins something cool.

Some pretty good (scary) stuff on there.

How's about we do the same, leave a comment with a link to the tag-a-whatever web site (you can select from the ones listed in tag-o-verse 2.0 or come up with your own) with the most confusing and frustrating interface.

This might actually turn out to be a somewhat useful exercise...

What will you win? Don't know. Maybe a golden tag.


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Eran Sandler said...


Now that's something that takes even an experienced person a few minutes to figure out.