Saturday, November 05, 2005


Check out the sidebar. I've added the obligatory "chicklets" thingie [ Subscribe in Bloglines Subscribe in Google Reader Subscribe in My MSN]. What a waste of screen-estate.

I wonder what will the "standard" for this end to be, 2 years from now, when RSS is finally mainstream. Which will happen of course only when smooth, integrated support for this will be incorporated into Windows (reading this blog: 78% Windows, 5% Linux / UNIX, 17% Mac OS X).

Yeah, I know that Firefox has an extension. Yes, there are wonderful readers out there. Right, we've got feed:// and feed: and rss:// and auto-discovery and USM. They're all great. But it ain't over until the Lady from Redmond sings, and we all know it.

I'd be happy with:

  • feed: being supported and configurable directly by the OS (a-la mailto:)
  • Integrated browser-support for auto-discovery, redirected to the OS feed: support
  • "Standard" alternate subscription user interface (inside an orange rectangle of course, for legacy reasons :) ), for browser-only no-desktop-of-my-own users, leading to a Microsoft/Google/Yahoo-provided universal subscription mechanism, similiar to MultiRSS.

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