Monday, February 26, 2007

Bye bye Blogger lables

I removed the labels element from the blog.

Being an obsessive tagger, I use a larger number of tags (labels. whatever). And having them presented in a long list consumed way too much space.

So, I don't see anymore any value in using Blogger labels over, say, Technoarti tags. I guess I'll be going back to using Technorati tags only on my posts.

I feel that this is one of these cases where a tag cloud would make much more sense...

Technorati tags: , , , ,

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eyalnow said...

I urge you to keep using blogger labels.
The main reason is that when I read one of your (older) posts, I can easily access other posts you wrote on the same subject, by clicking the relevant label.

a good example for the "tagging" label

This is different than using the blog search box, because I want to view only the posts which YOU tagged (arrggh, labeled) with a certain tag.

Furthermore, from a marketing point of view,
clicking on the Technorati tags takes your visitors away from your blog, and thus you might lose them.

Your (interesting!) blog can also benefit from the use of categories.