Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blogger labels and Technorati tags

Several weeks ago I've upgraded my blog from the old blogger interface to the new one. It was quite painful at the time, but hey, how can I not try a new toy.

The new blogger interface supports tags labels. The labels are even marked with the Rel-Tag microformat.

Too bad that the migration process did not migrate my Technorati tags (which are also marked with Rel-Tag) to Google labels. It would have been a considerate move on Google's part, especially when they took their time adding this now-standard rel-tag support.

So, I went and manually edited the older posts, copying the Technorati tags to that nice comfy Labels box.

And now Blogger is republishing my entire feed.

Oh well. Sorry for the mess!


acuth said...

As far as I can see the tags are not going to be exactly the same. My understanding of the rel-tag microformat is that it is the value of the href that is the actual tag.

So a tag for 'google' may have changed from a Technorati tag

to a Blogger tag of

If so it means that, technically at least, a label/tag of 'google' on your blog is different from a tag for 'google' on another Blogger hosted blog.

Or maybe I being too negative...

YanivG said...

Both Technorati tags and Google tags are fully compliant rel-tag tags.

The difference is that in Technorati, the "tag space" is Technorati itself, while in Blogger, the tag space is a single blog.

The practical implication of this is that by clicking on a Technorati tag, you will receive the list of all blog posts (or at least, all blog posts crawled by the Technorati crawler) which were tagged with this tag, while on Blogger, clicking on a Google/Blogger tag you will receive the list of all posts in this specific blog which were tagged with this tag.

However, Technorati (& other rel-tag compliant search engines) should have no problem picking up posts tagged with Google/Blogger tags.