Friday, May 04, 2007

MS Yahoo Live

fatmanThrough Mashable: Microsoft May Acquire Yahoo for $50 Billion.

This rumor has been around before. It seems to be a tad more real this time - see NYPost article and SearchEngineWatch post for more sources, references and names.

This will be interesting, to say the least.

Will combining the efforts of the somewhat lame Live search engine with the search engine from Yahoo, the company that announced that it has given up being #1 in search create a real competitor for Google's most successful product?

Microsoft has toiled for years to shed off its "home desktop only" positioning and to become an Enterprise player. It wasn't easy, but it worked. Too well maybe. Because now, when Microsoft is trying so hard to join the cool kids playing on the Internet playground, the best it could do so far is the Live suite of services, with its oh-so-integrated but also oh-so-boring services. I hate to pick on stupid details, but did they really think that corporate blue is the best color scheme for

Will the Yahoo infusion change this?

Oh boy. I just realized I might end up using Microsoft MSN Live Flickr. Scary thought. Well, in that case I'd like to direct the MS executives reading this post to here : )


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Jay said...

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YanivG said...

Heh :) that's a good one!

I've switched our business plan to rely on Tarot cards instead of those boring Excels. Looks much better now!