Monday, May 21, 2007

Hebrew is a hard language

Your Ad HereThe Google folks are trying to eat their own dog food. But as it turns out, eating from right to left isn't as easy as eating left to right.

You see, the fact that Hebrew is written from right to left has been consuming significant computing resources since,well, the dawn of time I guess.

The issue has been mostly solved back in the 90's when Microsoft forced the "logical display order" standard (a.k.a implicit directionality, RFC 1556 and other names) on the industry.

And yet, check out this Google AdSense ad, appearantly from Google:

Google Gmail ad

This ad translates into the following English nonsense:

Google - free from Gmail

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Oh well. I am confident that Hebrew (and Arabic) will display perfectly soon after the introduction of peace to the middle east. Don't hold your breath on either one of them though :) .


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