Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Moment of Quiet Contemplation

I've upgraded to Outlook 2007.

I upgraded because of the integrated search capabilities. GDS and Lookout were both great, but I use full text search a lot, and I missed a tighter integration of the search results with Outlook.

So, now that the re-indexing is done (5 hours, thanks for asking), indeed I have a super-slick full text search capability on my 9 years worth of emails. Love it!

And, an unexpected bonus – it turns out that Outlook has yet another exciting feature. Every 2 minutes or so, my machine freezes for a few seconds. Every 10 minutes, when Outlook reaches into that deep void called the Internet to fetch my email, my machine freezes for even longer. So now I have these wonderful pauses, which I use for quiet contemplation.

They say that the new office took 5 years to develop. I guess that when they started out, the Internet was much faster than it is today, and CPUs were not as burdened, so they didn't really notice these pauses.

Oh well. Service Pack 1, I await you – in quiet contemplation.

P.S. I posted this with MS Word, in draft mode, and then hurried to check the resulting HTML. Gotta give it to them - very minimal features, but sparkling clean HTML. Nice!


Idan said...

Maybe they should move to multithreading?

YanivG said...

Actually Eran (a.k.a DebuggingMonkey) got so pissed off at this that he's now debugging their threads...