Thursday, March 22, 2007

KinnerNet 2007: RobotsFireEatersPowerToolsDragRacePeoplePeoplePeoplePeople

Woosh by yghelloworld

 I got back from KinnerNet 2007 (the un-conference created by Yossi Vardi) on Saturday, but the effects still did not wear off. It was an exhilarating event, a 3 days (and nights) circus made of robots, fire eaters, drag races, jugglers, creativity and people – lots of fascinating, special, creative and positive people.

Only yesterday did I finish uploading the pictures to Flickr – all 213 of them out of, well, it’s embarrassing to say how many :)

Don’t miss Lior (Wishood) and Gil (UrbanSeeder) ’s cool Supermarket 2.0 video, and Eyal Gever (Gizmoz) and Gideon Weiler’s KinnerNet cult video.

The TheMarker COM.Vention conference was immediate following KinnerNet, on Sunday & Monday. After attending several amazing un-conferences, it becomes harder and harder to put up with the artificial rigid structure of conventional conferences. Suddenly it seems ridiculous to have to put up with fixed length, must-attend, one-speaker sessions and pre-planned orchestrated and exclusive panels.

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