Sunday, August 27, 2006

Upgrading an Omelet with Yedda

Just had to try this shiny new "blog this" thingie we added to Yedda. And what's better to blog then one of my favorites questions:

Yedda - People.Sharing.Knowledge.Upgrading an Omelet

Does anyone have interesting ways to upgrade an omelet? I'm bored with the usual cheese/onion/meat options I usually use, and since in most evenings I'm too tired too cook anything more interesting, I'd like to hear your suggestions.

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Asked by gypsie on July 13, 2006

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Sarit said...

I was waiting for you to create some blogging thingies!

By the way, I suggest the little "bisim" cheese (גבינת העמק בביסים) with some mushrooms or tomatoes. Awsssome.

YanivG said...


There is more to come... some of it pretty cool I think :)

Don't forget to put your upgrade on the Yedda Q&A for this one :)