Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's been 128 days

Here is the sad truth from Technorati:


Yup... it's true. 128 days since my last post to this blog.

I do have good excuses though. I've been busy coding, designing, specing, supporting, promoting, and not sleeping enough.

Initially I thought it's just a busy week, no biggie, I will post next week. It's not like the world is holding its breath waiting for my posts. But then the busy week became a busy month, and another, and... 128 days.

Creating is exciting. There is so much to do, and every day brings new challenges, making me wish there was away around that 24 hours/day limitation. Only 24 hours a day... this is so Web 1.0, don't you think so?

It's good to be writing code again. I almost forgot how satisfying it is, to write-compile-run-upload - and see how it changes the way people interact with each other. There is magic about it.

In any case. This post is meant to break the silence. I'm back :)

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