Monday, June 11, 2007

Twitter my Yedda

Twitter is really growing on me. 

So I am twice as happy to tell you about Twitter My Yedda.

You see, Yedda just learned to twitter. If you tell it to, it will automagically share with your twitter friends your questions (so that they can answer them), and your answers (so that they can see just how smart and helpful you are).

You can also tell Yedda to twitter your watched questions, the answers you like, and pretty much anything else you'd like it to.

It also does Twitter replies, so you can easily tell when the person who just answered your biggest question is also on Twitter.

If you're already on Yedda, set it up (it's really easy):

» Yedda > My Settings > Toolbox > Twitter

And if you're not on Yedda yet, hmpff!

Kudos to Eran for a wonderfully done mashup (and also for releasing the Twitter C# API!), and to the Twitter folks for being so helpful with this!


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