Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wishood - make them, grant them, exchange them.

Wishood wants to help you fulfill your wishes. It's one of those simple, pure ideas. Wishes - make them, grant them, exchange them.

I've seen earlier versions of Wishood, but this one, with the cool Wisherizers is a significant step forward.

Wishood is young, and these folks still have some more work to do (say, when will I be able to embed my wish list in my blog?). But it's slick, fun, and hey - what better way is there to start off 2007 then by making someone's wish come true?

Check them out, or read a more thorough review over at Go2Web2.

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Lior said...

Hey Yaniv!
Thanks for your lovely post and your always good advice.

It is absolutely great to see people exchange wishes at out site! it's happening now and its awesome!!! We have much more to offer and I feel this is only the start... wow ;-)

Dror said...

You can also check


its a web site for generating positive thoghts.