Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Practicalities and lists

Lots of lets-talk-about-how-it-really-works posts in the last few days. Maybe it's part of cleaning the house for 2006.

Michael Arrington posted "Don't Blow Your Beta" on Techchrunch. This is especially valuable coming from someone who's been exposed to a lot of betas recently. Useful and practical if you're at the point where you're designing your own beta process.

Guy Kawasaki followed up on his "The Top Ten Lies of Venture Capitalists" with "The Top Ten Lies of Entrepreneurs". My favorite is actually #11, the bonus lie:

All we have to do is get 1% of the market.

And to complete the list-of-ten, Guy also posted a list of 9 truths about the art of innovation. Excellent stuff.

It's interesting to note where Guy's list conflicts with Michale's list :)

Hugh Macleod followed up with his Top Ten Blogger Lies. Hey, these ads really were just an experiment :)

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