Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tagging UI suggestion - part 3

Last one in the series.

The tagging text turns (auto-magically of course) back into a text box, allowing you to edit it.

This UI might have a chance at encouraging people to use mutags without confusing the tagging database and without adding too much complexity, and, without having to know what is the tags seperator.

Good? bad? stinks? let me know what you think.


mywayguy said...

Do you mean that you can in-place rename a tag while tagging a new page?

YanivG said...

I mean that when entering the list of tags for a new page (or new whatever taggable object), you can move back to a previously entered tag and rename it.

Vishen said...

We've tried to solve the problem by allowing the user to just edit their tag name using ajax when the user is on the tag page. This done classifies all the previos links under the new tag. is this enough? Yaniv - I would love to have you criticise my design and help us think of something better. the site again is blinklist.com

YanivG said...

Vishen - tried to sign up, recieved an error message (sent to you guys through the feedback email).

I'll try again later.